Watch Saul Conrad’s ‘Sycamore’ video by the brilliant Cathy Please.

Saul Conrad’s Bonfire Blues is listed on RMD Music Blog’s Top Indie Americana/Folk Tracks of 2012.

Saul Conrad w/ Katie Schecter @ Pianos NYC this Thursday at 9 pm

I’ll fiddle with a chord or two and the words just find their way into my head … it’s such a blessing," said Haugh, whose musical influences include James Brown, Captain Beefheart, Iggy Pop, the Sex Pistols and Mozart. "I was pleasantly surprised to find that other people like my music, too.

Conrad, throughout the album, centralizes the heart ~ love and love lost, lust, yearning. He employs rich imagery and naked honesty. “Bonfire Blues,” the first of Poison Packet’s 10 tracks, opens: ‘Me and my baby / We had a bonfire / We were just lying down / Belching smoke and blowing fire / Her legs are closed to me / Guarding something I admire.’

Conrad draws comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan; his acoustic guitar soulful, his lyrics crafted with precision, dancing from track to track, telling the truths that bond all listeners.

Benjamin McNeil, Pulse Magzine
Back and forth we shift our baby around/The baby looked us clear through our eyes/To see the knots and black spots
Saul Conrad’s Murrey Knows

Kevin Haugh’s ‘Only Think of You (When I Drink)’

Saul Conrad’s ‘Whiskey Eggs’